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    Studio-style Optical Compressor Pedal with Class A Preamp

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    Weight 6 lbs
    Dimensions 15 × 9 × 4 in

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In the studio, it’s easy to make your guitar sound good. Run your signal through a good compressor, and it magically sounds… better. Joemeek is famous for their optical compression, a tool often found in pro studios. With the floorQ compressor pedal, you get the same stellar optical compression Joemeek’s rack gear is renowned for, but in a footpedal-sized format. It’s not just a close facsimile to the original circuit, it is the same circuit. The floorQ also makes a great front end/level matcher for any guitar amp (especially a tube amp!). A studio-quality compressor for your pedalboard? That’s exactly what you get from the Joemeek floorQ!

Joemeek floorQ Optical Compressor Pedal Features:

  • Same compressor circuit as the threeQ, in a pedal
  • High-impedance JFET input
  • Class A preamplifier with input-level control
  • Even with the compressor switched out, the pedal makes an excellent front end and level matcher for all types of guitar amps