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Established in 1979, PMI Audio Group is a professional audio company located in Gardena, California. Specializing in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for recording, video, post, film, broadcast, and the fixed installation markets, PMI Audio brands include: Studio Projects, Trident Audio Developments, Joemeek, Toft Audio Designs, Tonelux, and Valley People. PMI Audio Group offers service and equipment modifications in house, incorporating the latest testing equipment and the finest techs available. We stock large quantities of all product models, which ship direct, from our facilities in the USA and the UK. We boast our own in house advertising and marketing department that creates our own literature, shipping boxes, gift boxes, websites, graphic design of our products and trade show booths. The department oversees our advertising and creates our own ads in house, which we advertise monthly in seven publications including, Mix, EQ, Electronic Musician, Pro Audio Review, Pro Sound News, Audio Media, and Recording Magazine.

PMI Audio Group utilizes several independent professional representative firms thoughout the United States to promote, demonstrate, and sell our products to the professional dealer network. In those areas that are not covered by representatives, PMI’s in-house staff is always available. In addition, we have aligned ourselves with distributors representing our products globally. We have a direct marketing program that enables us to market direct to the end user, so the customer can be sure of getting the proper information on the product quickly and efficiently. It has been a very successful program.

Trident Audio Developments
Trident Audio Developments incredible impact on popular music can be heard in the classic tracks of David Bowie, Queen, T-Rex and many others. Trident Audio Developments newest venture is to offer the classic modules that have launched it into its legendary status in the Series 80B® and A-Range channel strips. Trident is also creating new designs in the same high quality realm by offering the HG3 high definition studio monitors. After long negotiations, PMI Audio has announced its acquisition of the original Trident Audio Developments Company. PMI has purchased all of the trademark rights, intellectual property rights, goodwill and assets of Trident Audio Developments from David Stocks. David Stocks acquired the company from Relyon after Malcolm Toft sold it to Relyon.

Toft Audio Designs
Toft Audio Designs® was created for two reasons. One was to manifest the classic British sound that was the main contributor to so many memorable and timeless recordings, and two; was to achieve this at an affordable price. The foundation for the Series ATB® Consoles comes from a long history based on Trident Audio Developments®. The ATB Console has much of the same character as the Trident Series 80B®, and as PMI Audio Group® also owns Trident Audio Developments®, those circuits were used for the basis of the ATB® Console sound. The lineage of all this history is evident in the features and sonic representation of the console. Some of the best recordings in the world were done on Trident Consoles such as The Beatles Abbey Road and the White Album, David Bowie’s Space Oddity, Aladdin Sane and Ziggy Startdust, Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, T-Rex, Lou Reed’s Transformer, James Taylor’s first album, and of course Queen 1&2 as well as Sheer Heart Attack. Still there are many more. The same basic philosophy has been applied to the Toft Audio ATB Consoles…Hear one for yourself and relive the magic of pure analogue…

Valley People
Valley People recently released the dyna-mite in 500 series format. It is the first module recreated in this format and many more are under development with the help of one of the original designers Michael “Doc” Morgan and a team of original assembly workers.

The first product PMI Audio Group introduced to the American market was Joemeek in early 1995. Joemeek is a signal processing line specializing in Photo-Optical Audio Compressors, Mic Preamplifiers, EQ’s, and enhancers. Joemeek is focused towards the professional recording and home studio markets. We also manufacture a profitable Joemeek microphone line and are engineering a new upper end series called “Telstar” after Joe Meek’s most famous work. Joemeek’s products are created by Alan Hyatt and are designed by Alan Bradford in our UK branch.

Studio Projects
Studio Projects designs high quality microphones, mic pres and 500 Series modules crafted with the studio engineer in mind. Led by designer/engineer Brent Casey, SP microphones can hold their own against almost any microphone produced today, and often at a fraction of the cost. The value of this equipment is in the results and we challenge the discerning engineer to try our gear and judge for them self.

Created from the mind of Paul Wolf, Tonelux Designs is a manifestation of his passion and experience. Tonelux launched with the concept of smaller format consoles and summing which would feature Tonelux’ specific sonic flavor,intuitive design, and excellent craftsmanship. This concept continues as Tonelux is the leader of modular design, allowing multiple methods of including Tonelux into your signal path. The work speaks for itself with the continued satisfaction of our clients and with results that are heard in every facet of pro audio. Tonelux has introduced the V Series racks and modules, the 1628 discrete console, the Equalux dual rack mount EQ, The TILT rack Mount tone control, the OTB16 summing mixer, and the Tonelux modules in 500 series format, including a 500 series portable, expandable rack system with more power than any other brand.