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DBS Music Berlin

DBs2For almost 20 years dBs Music has provided innovative methods of delivering quality music and practices to willing students in the UK. Its newly founded Berlin center of operations was built with the intention of attracting a very open and innovative standard of student and staff body.

Located in the heart of Berlin, dBs Music Berlin is no ordinary school; combining state-of-the-art facilities with unique learning environments and industry experienced tutors to support, inspire, challenge and enhance students’ studies in music production, sound engineering and electronic music production and performance.

The specific location of the Trident 88 24 channel console is in one of their three tracking studios; called “The Funkhaus.” dBs Music Berlin Operations Manager, Zak Davies describes the Funkhaus in detail.  “It is the old GDR Radio station of east Berlin. Construction took place between 1955 and 1959 and was in operation until the fall of the wall in 1989. The facility was purpose built for radio production, including: two amazing orchestral recording halls (400sqm and 900sqm respectively), some amazing Foley rooms, mastering suites and a collection of amazing studios. All of these facilities still exist today and the facility is now open to artists and producers, with commercial studios in operation. This is where dBs Music Berlin houses its studio facility, giving our students fantastic access to amazing studios! We teach Recording practice, recording technique, studio workflow and mastering and critical listening modules using the Funkhaus.”

The choice to feature the Trident 88 at dBs Music Berlin came after a lot of research.  “Overall the Trident came out on top in all of our research, functionality, price, quality. As soon as we picked it up myself and our technicians just spent some time staring at it and moving faders, its a beautiful console and feels really nice to use! We have the VU meter 24 channel version, so after squeezing it through some corridors and doors we got it onto the custom built Zaor desk and hurried to set it up and get some audio running through it! We had some weeks to get to know the desk and its set up before the students arrived in September. It’s a big hit with both the students and staff and with a variety of projects happening in the studio daily, the Trident is definitely being put to work.”

DBs1The biggest initial wow factor are the Trident EQs.  “Its all about the EQ’s, they have received high praise from anybody that has used the desk for a project! We also love the pre-amps of the desk. You have to hear it to believe it!”

“The Trident 88 has a very good layout and is exceptional in terms of design. The quality of the knobs and buttons makes the workflow very pleasurable. The most outstanding feature on it are definitely the EQs which make the desk an extremely powerful tool for a Sound Engineer to leave his own imprint in a recording session.” — Marco, dBSs Music Berlin Student