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Rack ‘Em Up

Rack ‘Em Up

500-rackThe new Trident 500 series 10 space rack is coming soon. Hosting some great features, like stereo linking and DSub outputs. The DECA 500 is a versatile and powerful 10 space rack. Providing ample power for each slot, you can be sure you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the gain your preamps have to offer. Growing in popularity the 500 series offers a great way to get pieces of the gear you really want in your outboard collection. Among these is the revered Trident 80B EQ, one of the most sought after EQ’s.

With the full 80B EQ in 500 series format you can have the EQ right from the 80B console used on countless albums and artists. Including No Doubt, Cake, Puscifer, Anthrax, Talking Heads, Guns & Roses, just to name a few.